The Fireview Range

Fireview Multi-Fuel Stoves

  • Fireview 6Kw Ft

    Fireview Slender 5kW

    The Fireview Slender 5kW is a stunning centrepiece to any room. Having the benefit of the width of our Fireview 6kW, enabling a full view of the fire. It takes a 152 mm flue, with the versatility of either a profiled flat top, flat top or low curved canopy. Only the rear flue option is available on the Canopy version.

  • Fireview 6Kw Ft

    Fireview 6kW

    The Fireview 6kW with its range of canopy options is a very popular stove in the Fireview range. Available with a profiled flat top, flat top, low canopy, or high canopy. also available with a variety of leg options. The Fireview 6kW has an amazing all fire view of the complete firebox. A distinguished stove for any style of fireplace (shown here with flat top).

  • Fireview 9Kw Low Canopy

    Fireview Slender 7kW

    This beautiful stove is based on our 9kW, keeping the full width so you have an unhindered view of the fire and enables you to burn 430mm logs. Its reduced depth helps when trying to fit in a shallow fireplace.

  • Fireview 9Kw Low Canopy

    Fireview 9kW

    The original Fireview stove (shown here with a low canopy). The 9kW has a large firebox which takes 430 mm logs. It retains the unique Woodwarm cleanburn air wash system. As on all the Fireview stoves the fully riddling grate allows easy ash removal from the ash box area. This stove is also available with straight sides if required.

  • Fireview 12Kw Plus Pft

    Fireview PLUS Slender 10kW

    This 10kW multifuel stove is slimline, yet has a large glass door, which generates a clean and clear view of the fire at all times.

  • Fireview 12Kw Ft

    Fireview 12kW

    The elegantly proportioned Fireview 12kW has a larger firebox, still capable of taking 483mm logs.

  • Fireview 12Kw Plus Pft

    Fireview PLUS 12kW

    With exactly the same proportions as the multifuel Fireview 12kW, but fitted with a larger door the 12kW PLUS offers you a full view of the firebox. All canopy options available as the Fireview 12kW.

  • Fireview 16Kw Ft

    Fireview Slender 14kW

    The Fireview 14kW stove is the largest slimline stove in our range, a grand stove enabling you to burn logs up to 23" long. This stove combines the virtues of all the Woodwarm stoves with the classic clean burn system, generating a clear and clean view of the fire at all times.

  • Fireview 16Kw Ft

    Fireview 16kW

    The Fireview 16kW with its larger castings is a grand stove enabling you to burn logs up to 588mm long. It is available as either a Profiled Flat Top, Flat Top (shown here) or Low Curved Canopy.

  • Fireview 20Kw Profile Ft

    Fireview 20kW

    The largest stove in our Fireview range, it provides a huge firebox, taking a 635mm log. It offer the same canopy options as the 16kW.